Frequently Asked Questions

Who can have access to the Cloud Program offerings?

The offerings will be available to all Penn State faculty and staff members. Students can have access to the current offerings when working directly with faculty, staff, or in lab environments. We are pursuing additional academic opportunities to offer students.

Why is Penn State pursuing cloud services?

Penn State students, faculty, and staff members require modern computing capabilities that deliver on agility, flexibility and scalability to achieve mission related outcomes. Penn State is positioning itself to deliver those through the adoption of cloud services. The Cloud Program has been established to develop and facilitate pilots such as Amazon Web Services NIST 800-171 and Microsoft Azure along with training opportunities for the University.

What are some of the benefits of using Amazon Web Services?

Moving to cloud storage and computing from physical servers provides cost reductions, higher security, and an improved user experience. Some additional benefits faculty and staff members receive when using University AWS offerings include:

  • Contractual addenda including intellectual property protections
  • Data downloads from cloud storage to campus systems are no longer metered and billed
  • Opt-in Support Services that includes  24x7x365 access to an International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliant, AWS-certified helpdesk
  • Account management through Penn State Identity Services
  • Scalable on-demand computing resources to meet various jobs and workloads
  • Pay only for the individual services you need, for as long as you use them, and without requiring long-term contracts or complex licensing
What information can be stored in the Cloud Program’s Amazon Web Services and Azure offerings?

Amazon Web Services and Azure offerings are not approved by Penn State for the storage of High or Restricted information due to guidelines in the University’s Policy AD95. Service offerings to host High or Restricted data are under development. More information on how data is classified can be found on the Information Classification Tool webpage.

Where can I find training resources for Azure and Amazon Web Services?

Information about in person and online training opportunities can be found on the training page. More information about support models specific to Penn State Cloud offerings will be shared on our Cloud Support page as it becomes available.

Who can I contact for help?

Visit our contact us section or get more information about Cloud services on our Cloud Support page.

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