Penn State Cloud Program

The Cloud Program provides access to cloud-based IT Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for easy and rapid acquisition, development, and scaling of resources. Cloud computing meets users’ needs in a secure manner without the requirement to purchase and maintain physical hardware. The Cloud Program lets you focus on your own services, research, or end users by reducing the administrative and technical debt associated with purchasing, powering, and maintaining servers.

IaaS replaces up-front infrastructure expenses with low variable costs that scale to your needs. Users no longer need to plan for and procure servers and other IT infrastructure weeks or months in advance. Instead, cloud computing can instantly spin up thousands of servers in minutes to deliver, store, or share data.

To get support, additional training resources, or request access to the cloud vendors at Penn State visit our support website.

Amazon Web Services

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AWS Low and Moderate (Level 1/Level 2) Data

AWS (Level 1/Level 2) Data is Penn State’s Cloud computing beta offering for any data classified as low or moderate. AWS provides a secure, efficient, and cost effective option for all of the University’s Level 1/Level 2 data. To request an AWS account for Level 1/Level 2 data, visit our Request Account page.

AWS High (Level 3) Data Pilot

Penn State’s current Cloud offerings do not support data classified as High (Level 3). Additional service options are being researched and tested to eventually protect and support Level 3 data. Until those service options become available, a researcher-focused pilot program is being conducted in NIST 800-171 compliant environments.

Please contact us if you are interested in piloting NIST 800-171 regulatory workloads in AWS.

Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft Azure is another IaaS option we are exploring and testing to ensure it meets security requirements for Low and Moderate (Level 1/Level 2) data. If you are interested in participating in the Microsoft Azure Level 1/Level 2 data pilot, please contact us.


Immersion Days

University-wide training sessions and bootcamps will be hosted by the Cloud Program throughout the year to train users. Topics will range from best practice for cloud computing as well as in-depth immersion sessions into specific areas of interest. Future events will be advertised on the website with additional scheduling and registration information.

Please contact us if you have areas of interest you would like to explore, or have links to content that you feel may benefit the University cloud community.

Learning Resource Network

Boot camps, in-depth immersion sessions, and general overviews into Amazon Web Services (AWS) are offered on the Learning Resource Network.

All Penn State students, faculty, and staff members have unlimited access to topic specific trainings at Lynda covers a wide range of topics to understand cloud computing, AWS, and Azure.


QwikLABS provides online instructional videos based on real world scenarios. In lab scenarios you will have access to the software you want to learn in. QwikLABS offers multiple AWS trainings for free and a range of AWS labs for a small fee.

Amazon Web Services Training Catalog

Amazon provides an expansive catalog of short videos, hands-on labs, learning paths, or certifications. The entire catalog of trainings are free and available online to help users learn AWS fundamentals or sharpen skills.

Amazon Web Services webinars

AWS webinars and training videos are offered free on YouTube for beginners and experts to learn about AWS updates, new features, or how to best utilize AWS in their workplace.

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